The Waikato Microlight Club was the first microlight club in New Zealand.

The club's philosophy is to make flying affordable and enjoy this fantastic sport in a social environment.

Who we are

Cassian Steidle - President

Cassian’s love for aviation was ignited when he visited an airshow as a young boy. The roaring sound of aircraft become music to his ears.Watching all sorts of aircraft flying in and out of two airbases near his family home throughout his youth manifested his dream to become a pilot. When he was 18 years old, he was due for the military service for the German Bundeswehr and becoming a helicopter pilot became his career choice. The big blow came when he was diagnosed with a mild form of epilepsy. A stutter and communication problems in case of a seizure. That was the end of flying, at least for many years to come. His condition stabilized and so he joined the Piako Gliding Club in 2003. At least for training. After a brief period in Germany, he settled in Hamilton for good, where he joined the Waikato Microlight Club in 2010. The only obstacles between regular flight training and the first solo flight were the medical requirements to fly solo. Then, the requirements changed and with it, the first solo flight came within reach. Then, in 2018, Cassian got his first solo flight - after 28 years.

Still a rookie, with just over 40 hours flying, Cassian is working hard to clock more hours in the years to come.

Julian Thornton - Instructor

1974 started flying De Havilland Chipmunk in RAF cadet force

1975 Flew Gliders K13 and Ka7s at Lasham UK

1980s Flew Blanik Gliders at Paraparaumu NZ

1992 Hang gliding Auckland and Waikato

1996 started microlight flying at Te Kowhai

2020 Started Instructing on microlight aircraft

Hours to date over 650.

1996 to 2015 Have scratch built a Zenair CH701, a Parker Teenie two, and kit built a Just aircraft Escapade/Highlander tail dragger

Pete Treanor - Instructor

Started General Aviation flying out of Wellington with a 2nd place flying scholarship from the Wellington Aero Club. This was the start of journey dreamed about as a youngster that has included being an Officer in the NZ Defence Force, Air Training Corps.

He has flown 560 hours including 240 hours instructing in low & high performance Microlights.

Stuart Parker - Secretary

Semi-retired electronics design engineer, NZ agent for MGL Avionics.

Ex PPL waaaaay back (too expensive), microlights since early '90s.

Initially weight-shift trikes (heaps of fun), then built & flew 3-axis single seat Poorby PB1 (OK but a bit marginal for my short strip), now going over to the dark side with a single seat Fusioncopter Nano gyro.

760hr Advanced pilot, was Senior Instructor groups A and B but now lapsed, might refresh it with group G gyro rating.